George Schmiedeshoff Voiceover


George Speaks

George Schmiedeshoff approaches copy with

sincerity and quiet assurance.  His commercial work inspires confidence in the product while he handles the most difficult technical narration with aplomb. His audiobook work encompasses a spectrum ranging from children’s material to classic literature in addition to moving fluidly between fantasy and nonfiction. His credits include reading the texts for middle school history and geography books for McDougal-Littell as well as collegiate material. From Man of Distinction to Man About Town, George’s style communicates a warm and engaging quality that is genuine and easy to listen to – with a dash of humor on the side.


Confident  • Genuine • Slightly Quirky


Knowledgeable • Friendly • Sardonic


Fantasy to Nonfiction • Contemporary to Classic

Children’s to Gothic • Humorous to Tragic

Engaging  -  Entertaining  -  Witty  -  Urbane 

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